SERGE de bleu




「SERGE de bleu」が目指すのは、ナチュラルな色合いの綿100%のデニム地をベースにした上質な着心地のワードローブ。


すべてのアイテムは天然の花オイルに漬け込んで加工することで、快適な穿き心地と肌触り、 さらには抗菌性なども備えた肌に優しいデニムに仕上がっています。

なかでも特筆すべきは色合い。 オイルの成分とインディゴが酸化・黄変し、通常のインディゴブルーとは一線を画す、温かみのある優しいヴィンテージブルーの色合いを独自の製法で生み出しています。



「SERGE de bleu」は手仕事と新たな技法による上質なジーンズを提供します。



Twilled cotton in Indigo dyed. To maximize this natural and authentic fabric,

SERGE DE BLUE offers new style denim focusing on looks in modern vintage style and also created by their finest detailed technique and hand-remake.

SERGE DE BLUE pursues high-comfortability of wardrobe in natural color palette with 100% cotton denim fabric.

All process from sourcing to sewing&finishing are committed to Japanese Made Soaking all items in natural flower  oil gives comfortable wearability, texture and bactericidal effects.

The striking point is color. After ingredient of oil and indigo are naturally oxidized and yellowing, their denim creates warm vintage blue by their unique process, which is totally different from others. Reducing machine process but taking time for hand-crafted process to express their fine detail finishing is their product feature.

They put their heart into hand-stitching on the left side front pocket.

SERGE de blue offers high quality denim made by hand-crafted and new manufacturing process.

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