Hirotakaは 2010年、ニューヨークSohoの小さなトランクショーから始まりました。




Designer : Hirotaka Inoue

フランス・パリにてジュエリーの基礎を学び、その後宝飾業界の商品企画を経て、2007年に独立。 2010年より、ニューヨークにて自身のCOLLECTIONを展開



Hirotaka started its journey with a small trunk show in Soho, New York in 2010.

The minimal yet edgy style spread quickly by word of mouth among editors and stylists, and now Hirotaka is sold worldwide.

 Hirotaka’ s inspiration comes from observing the fauna and ˜ora from the rainforest and deep ocean, where it is densely rich in diversity and natural wonders, and is converted into an abstract and urban design with hints of punk chic.

Designer : Hirotaka Inoue

1998~1999 Hirotaka learned the basics of Jewelry in Paris, France. From 2000 he worked as a product planner in the Jewelry industry. In 2007 Hirotaka launched his own brand. In 2010 He launched his first collection.

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